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By Bethany Sheppard & Company Psychic Entertainment in Philadelphia

​A person who is the sayer of truth 

Is it possible to predict the success of an event or party? Finding interesting, different and fun entertainment, while staying within budgetary constraints, presents the corporate event planner with a challenge.

Soothsayers may be your answer! We've been providing affordable merriment and crowd-pleasing amusement since 1984.

You will be pleased to know that Soothsayers is the preferred psychic entertainment group in the tri-state area. Servicing PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, and the Washington D.C. area. We have entertained again and again, at many of the finest and most prestigious corporations, including Fortune 500 Companies. Smaller functions have also been enchanted by Soothsayers authentic, light-hearted presentation. Although entertainment has taken many forms and changed through the years, mystery and intrigue have never gone out of style, and remain in high command. We all want to learn more about ourselves and, of course, what the future may hold in store for us.

Providing a wide variety of veritable entertainment, Soothsayers is capable of reading tarot cards, as well as performing palm and astrological readings, three of the most requested and recognized forms of psychic predictions. Handwriting analysis, numerology, psychometry, straight deck, and realm stone readings are a few of the additional interpretations we offer.

Each Soothsayer can do a reading every five to seven minutes, circulating if necessary, and it is quite possible to have several psychics doing varied readings. Tailoring our services to create the desired atmosphere of your function is our specialty, and affords us the opportunity to properly oblige the wishes of guests, clients, or employees. Best of all, our carefully selected, well-trained, professional psychics arrive mystically costumed, and ready to perform at your event.

With Soothsayers in attendance, the forecast for a successful event is very bright and predictions for a memorable affair are imminent. We look forward to working with you.

Soothsayer Psychic Entertainment.

By Bethany Sheppard & Company