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Palm Readings

In addition to the popular life line, individual lines and recesses of the palm reveal personality traits relating to emotions, intellect, strengths and weaknesses. 


The study, effect and meaning of nine symbols (1 through 9) separately, and when presented in a com­bination - be it date of birth, anniver­sary, age or a composite of several significant numbers. These numbers represent your current and future affairs.


The uncanny ability to provide psychic predictions utilizing the sense of touch to channel energy between the reader and subject. 

Handwriting Analysis

Remarkably individual, the dot of an i or cross of a t reveal character traits. When letters are syndicated, as in a signature, an array of information is exposed.

Realm Readings

When you discover your Realm, you learn SO much about yourself, including your life's purpose, and the secrets to your relationship patterns, personality, tastes, looks, and more!

Tarot Cards

A unique set of 78 energized cards, each of distinctive design and meaning which, when appropriately displayed, offer intuitive explanations of intricate situations.